litestarWhy does eating earlier make me hungry?

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Part of the reason we get hungry around 10AM when we have breakfast is because we increased our metabolism by eating earlier in the day. Your body normally won't burn off the food until later in the day when you eat later because your metabolism is not as active. A faster metabolism means more calories burned which means more weight loss. It's a good thing that you're hungry around 10AM when you didn't used to be hungry until around noon or so.

Let's look at it another way. Say you wake up most mornings at 6:00 AM but you don't eat anything until 12:00 Noon and you go to bed at 11:00 PM. That means, your metabolism was on "high," (burning more calories) for 11 hours a day or 77 hours a week. Now, you decide to start having breakfast around 7AM. We're not talking a "big" breakfast; maybe a fruit and cereal. That starts your metabolism up at 7AM and it still goes to 11PM, when you go to sleep, which equates to 16 hours a day or 112 hours a week.

That's a difference of 35 hours of high metabolism, about a day and a half of "extra weight loss!" That's 21% more weight loss each week. In other words, if you were losing 8 pounds a month, you'd push that to almost 10! Now, I agree, it's not quite that simple and there are lots of other reasons weight loss slows down or speeds up.

But, if you're not eating breakfast, the question is "why not?"

If it's because you get too hungry around mid day, now you know why. Each time you're feeling hungy, rejoice in the weight loss it's causing! Of course, hunger is no fun and you don't want to "undo" what you just did by eating too much. So, my suggestion is to first drink 3 glasses of water. Wait 10 minutes after doing that. Then, eat something that's controlled (like a fruit). Have lunch around 12. Enjoy the feeling of control and virtue.

Treat yourself special.

Scott Marcusstar



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